Waterwise Landscaper Program Listing

  • WWLP

    To find the latest listing of recommended waterwise landscaper companies to contact, click on the Waterwise Specialist logo to the left.

    The companies listed as Waterwise Specialists are companies that are familiar with recommended waterwise principles, have passed their assessment, show great talent and quality of works in prior projects. These companies also have proof of appropriate types and level of insurance coverage.

  • Waterwise Garden Design Program Listing


    The latest listing of recommended waterwise garden design business for contact is found when you click the logo to the left. The landscape architects / designers listed as Waterwise Specialists will be able to assist and recommend designs for your gardens or landscapes that are waterwise.


  • For companies seeking to be endorsed for the Waterwise Programs

    Water Corporation sponsor of LIAWA

    These programs are sponsored by Water Corporation and managed by

    Landscape Industries Association of WA Inc (LIAWA).

    For companies who would like to be endorsed as a waterwise specialist, click the programs of interest to download the registration forms:

    Waterwise Garden Design Program   or      Waterwise Landscaper Program

    The assessment is a competency-based test that supervisors / key employees complete in order to qualify for membership of the program. For information on Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program, please contact Tracy Martin of Irrigation Australia Ltd (IAL WA). Email